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DSC GROUP Netting Proposal APP

Dyna Proposal APP

Dyna Proposal APP is a solution to manage netting proposal developed by DSC Group.

Is your customer also your supplier?
Do you need to compensate your debt with credit and to define repayment plans with your customer?  

Dyna Proposal is the solution for your company!

This app is aimed at the general accounting user who takes care of recording payments and collections. The module manages the compensation of the active and passive invoices of the same customer / supplier and the creation of a repayment plan for the outstanding active invoices.


The solution speeds up the matching activities with an easy-to-use tool integrated in Business Central. The procedure is designed with a specific area where the compensation proposals are created, they can be filtered for a certain period, and the system automatically suggests the compensation of the open items.

The open items – to be compensated – is proposed in a special form and will be linked by a connection able to identify them. Subsequently, the compensations are recorded in a special batch to ensure traceability within the system. The app also allows you to create payment proposals relating to agreed repayment plans to be sent to customers in case of unpaid invoices.

Supported Editions: this app supports the essential and premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries: Italy

Supported Languages: this app is available in Italian and English.

Download User Manual – Dyna Proposal_eng

Download Dyna proposal Brochure – DSC Dyna Proposal