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Microsoft Power BI

Business Intelligence Software

Collect and analyze data to turn it into practical information,
essential for making quick and, above all, informed decisions.

Power BI  –  Business Intelligence Software for everybody

Power BI makes it easy to make informed decisions based on always up-to-date analytics.

Power BI makes it easy to make informed decisions based on always up-to-date analytics.
Power BI allows you to quickly and easily create fully customizable dashboards, which offer a 360-degree view of any business reality, ensuring significant benefits, in terms of both analysis and decision-making support.

It is essential to integrate the data, which naturally come from different origins and often not in completely identical ways, through reporting tools within everyone’s reach: from the owner, to the manager to individual collaborators. Furthermore, the interface must be suitable for everyone’s needs.

This ensures that those who have to make decisions, use their time exclusively to develop the most suitable strategies, thus satisfying business requests in less time, without having to constantly search for information or answers.

With Power BI, you can transform data into insights that are practical for your business in minutes.


Main benefits:

crm microsoft dynamics gestione attività marketing crm microsoft
Analyze the business of your company and gain valuable insights about your organization
power bi pro
Produce customized, visual and engaging reports to organize data and obtain meaningful analysis
qlik bi condividere informazioni
Explore and analyze data, on-premises and in the cloud, in a single view
pianificazione domanda produzione
Share interactive dashboards and reports with your staff quickly and easily
power bi -informazioni disponibili
Get timely information on the progress of your company and on any unexpected changes
qlik business intelligence - analisi dati
Plan winning strategies to support the business
Power bi - Business Intelligence Microsoft
Suitable for all market sectors
power bi microsoft per aziende di tutte le dimensioni
Perfect for all companies


Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

“For 12 years in a row, Microsoft has been recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms”

Discover the most effective solution for your company and choose the tools that best suit the specific needs and market sector of your organization