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DYNAB2B: the DSC solution to manage the electronic invoicing 

Discover the advantages of Dyna B2B, the simple solution to manage B2B e-invoicing

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Dyna B2B is a B2B NAV electronic invoicing module that allows you to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP and Business Central with IX-FE ABLETech.

The Dyna B2B solution is suitable for any type of company and allows you to operate exclusively in Dynamics NAV and Business Central and monitor the entire flow, active or passive.

Choosing to use only IX-FE  for the management of electronic invoicing, in fact, means:

  • Sales invoices in IX-FE (or other provider) must be loaded manually;
  • To verify the results, you must enter in the provider’s platform;
  • The Purchase invoices received must then be downloaded and saved in the file system, in order to avoid losing them, unless you purchase a specific Plugin Manager to schedule the receipt of files in folders.
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Dyna B2B can be used from 2013 version and there is also a specif app for Business Central, it allows to:

Sales Invoice Process Management

  • Send invoices to IX-FE directly from your ERP;
  • Receive and view the results received in your ERP;
  • Download the P7M file (signed);
  • Have a control dashboard (visible on the Nav /Business Central home page) with the list of sales invoices and credit notes:
    – Create and Do Not Ship;
    – Sent and Approved by IX-FE;
    – Sent and not approved by IX-FE;
    – Sent, Approved by IX-FE, but not processed by SDI;
    – Sent, Approved by IX-FE, rejected by SDI;
    – Sent, Approved by IX-FE, accepted by SDI.

Purchase Invoice Process Management
  • Receive invoices and purchase credit notes;
  • Receive the P7M file (signed file) and extract the XML file;
  • Save files in specific folders;
  • PDF preview of the XML received from the supplier;
  • Deposit the received invoices in the NAV/Business Central Entry Documents area, indicating the supplier document number, supplier code (NAV) and Document amount;
  • Have a control dashboard with the list of invoices and purchase credit note with invoices received and not posted.

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Choose an unique system:

  • Manage the entire process with your ERP;
  • Monitor ERP outcomes;
  • Receive purchase invoices in your ERP directly from IX-FE (not registration) in order to be able to see the invoices received in real time, without searching in emails, in the mail or having to download them from IX-FE and then import them into your erp.

Do you need to integrate your e-invoicing with Microsoft ERP ?

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