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Business Central Apps

Business Central Apps

All apps developed by DSC Group for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business CentralĀ 

Here you can find our APPs and extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Nav ERPs. Choose and save time in customizations and reduce maintenance costs!

App to manage compensation proposals when customer and supplier coincide

APP to change documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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App to manage the B2B Electronic Invoicing


Industry-independent payroll and salary software for the Swiss market

Solution for fashion market needs

Modules to integrate Dynamics Nav functionalities according to the specific needs of your company.


Solution to Manage Expense Notes


Integrate your ERP with the EDI Electronic Data Interchange circuit

Integration between the company accounting system and the banking information system

General ledger extension:

Management of Simulated Writings
Balance sheet in opposing sections
Management of Accruals and Extended Deferrals

App that includes the classic outgoing documents that are customized: purchase orders, sales invoice, delivery note, sales credit note

Management of non-accounting documents