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Microsoft Customer Support: discover our Application Maintenance Service!

Is your company using the ERP Dynamics Nav or Business Central and are you looking for a reliable Microsoft Customer Support service?

Microsoft Customer Support is the DSC Group offering structured starting from the principle that a company’s applications represent not only an asset to be managed but also a value, which must contribute to increasing the company’s business.

Our Microsoft Customer Support or Application Management service is therefore created to serve our customers’ procedures.

By choosing to rely on an Application Maintenance service, any interruptions in operation, caused by any errors on the part of users or system malfunctions, are minimized. Production continuity is also ensured, avoiding wasting time.


It is the User Support service. It guarantees customers the rapid solution of a series of problems and services, previously defined in a specific service contract.

It is the application maintenance service. It is aimed at solving problems that prevent the system from functioning according to its own standard.


 Improvement interventions, such as extensions, variations or implementation of new features not covered by the standard system.


Training provided by expert consultants on the various functional areas of the system, in order to allow the user to make the best use of the application.

We ensure the support and evolution of all or part of the customer’s application park, to obtain measurable, reliable and rapid results.

We believe that any investment in the application park must generate a real and tangible benefit for the company in terms of cost reduction and, in some cases, an increase in turnover.

The Microsoft Customer Support service is, therefore, a set of services aimed at increasing the value that investments in software applications bring to business management and business.