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Dynamics 365 Sales

CRM for all businesses

dynamics 365 Sales CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: increase sales and improve customer satisfaction

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM introduces the concept of digital intelligence in every business opportunity, to allow the Sales Team to anticipate the needs of customers and know their needs with the particular attention that ensures the construction of relationships and sales opportunities.

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Improve the profitability of your business
Digital Intelligence and business process automation support revenue growth, while controlling acquisition costs:

  • Get new and repeated sales, following customized processes;
  • Introduce new collaborators to the sales team quickly and put them in a position to be operational quickly in the correct way;
  • Measure past performance to identify the indicators needed to properly plan for the future.

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Increase your sales and identify the best opportunities
Maximize the performance of your sales team, helping them focus priorities and reducing distractions:

  • Identify prospects and customers with the greatest potential;
  • Make strategic decisions based on digital intelligence;
  • Provides training support to the Sales Team when and where it is needed.

microsoft dynamics 365 for sales
Work smart to get results faster
Close deals faster by working efficiently, collaborating, and applying contextual insights with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales for sales management.

  • Get the entire sales team to collaborate on strategic offers;
  • Personalize each lead based on the buyer’s commitments;
  • Guarantee the Sales Team to work anytime, anywhere.

crm microsoft dynamics automatizzazione attività
Activity planning automation
  • Telephone calls
  • e-mail
  • Commercial appointments
  • Assistance appointments
  • Marketing campaigns

By leveraging features such as lead and opportunity tracking, as well as simplified approval processes and real-time sales forecasts, your sales team can easily focus on priorities, without unnecessary distractions.

crm microsoft dynamics gestione ciclo vendita
Sales cycle management
  • Opportunity management
  • Offers, Orders, Invoices
  • Territory management
  • Sales quota management
  • Sales documentation (product catalog and price lists)
  • Competitor information

Thanks to the improvement of collaboration activities and in-depth analysis, you will obtain an increase in visibility on ongoing negotiations and better management of the relationship with customers and prospects.

crm microsoft dynamics gestione attività marketing crm microsoft
Marketing Management
  • Campaign planning
  • Campaign management
  • Management of marketing lists
  • Simplified campaigns
  • Campaign responses management
  • Customer privacy management

You will make your organization’s marketing strategy more effective. You can create personalized, contextual and content-rich campaigns by communicating directly and personally.

Start empowering your team’s sales capabilities with Dynamics 365 Sales:

  • Actionable reviews, enhance the capabilities of your salespeople with analytics, digital intelligence and automation of the score assigned to various leads. Help them evaluate their relationships with customers to choose how to best manage them;
  • Personal commitment, share the internal experience of your team, use the shared notes function to spread the contents of meetings, events and customized sales documents created in real time;
  • Sales team with the perfect mix of information and collaboration. Share the best results to stimulate healthy internal “competition”.