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Business Process Management

Management of business processes, business information always available in absolute safety, collaboration


Arxivar - Business Process Management
Business Process management Arxivar - partner autorizzato

Business Process Management with Arxivar:  Digital Transformantion in your company!

ARXivar is the ideal Business Process Management solution for companies of all sizes, which can be integrated with any system, scalable, flexible and easy to use.

ARXivar integrates in a single platform the functions of document management, storage according to law and management of business processes through workflow and allows you to concentrate all information of a company or a department in a single point to be able to manage them safely in an easy way, anywhere and with any device.

Workflow_ARXivar BPM
Manage processes and design the flows of your company

The workflow designer is presented as a blank page in which to drag the elements of the workflow without coding. The creation and connection of these elements is simple, fast and intuitive and helps to review the processes normally followed in your company, highlighting the possible improvements.

It facilitates the management of daily operations, as all users have at their disposal at the appropriate time the list of activities to be carried out and the steps to follow to perform them in the best possible way; they are, therefore, guided in the performance of their duties

Process optimization means reducing unnecessary waste of time, contributing to the efficiency of the company.

All company information always available in absolute safety

ARXivar is a platform that allows you to concentrate all the information of a company or a department in a single point in order to be able to manage them safely and easily.

Immediate management of access permissions to documents, to ensure confidentiality, based on the actual working needs and business function of each user.

Business Process Management - gestione documentale
Business Process Management
Responsive, configurable, compatible

ARXivar can be used from any device. It is possible to customize the functionality interface for each user / group of users, based on the device preferably used.

Through the Desktop Manager it is possible to configure menus, desktops and commands without any difficulty, defining for which devices and users / groups a specific layout will work.

Compatible with all major Operating Systems, browsers and devices.

It can be integrated with the various company software and the main ERP systems

Seamless integration with ERP systems and Management: it enhances and extends the perimeter of action, in a simple way and without upsetting the operating habits.

Integrated Microsoft 365 applications: the user has a single “electronic work desk” where they are present with both ARXivar tools and information and external tools and information.

  • Outlook online integration
  • Integration with other Office 365 applications
  • Plug in custom
business process management arxivar
Collaboration, Link sharing and integrated chat

It is thanks to the collaboration between people and between different teams that a company achieves the established results. Allowing employees of a company to communicate with each other and externally in a direct, fast and immediate way wherever they are is essential for both business objectives and to keep the sense of belonging to the company alive.

You can send documents via LINK, monitoring access to the resource.

An integrated chat makes corporate communication faster and more functional, eliminating the multiplication of collaboration means (chat, mail, sms…). Documents are shared without having to download them and save them on the desktop and then upload them again.

All in absolute SAFETY!

ARXivar Business Process Management

  • INTEGRABLE with the most popular software and management and ERP systems (it enhances the scope of action);
  • DRAG & DROP configurable in a simple way without the need for technical skills and without writing a line of code;
  • EASY and of immediate use by users thanks to the optimal User Experience;
  • SCALABLE – adaptable to any organizational need and expandable step by step without problems;
  • POWERFUL thanks to the process engine it allows to model and execute workflows;
  • RESPONSIVE – accessible from any device, browser or operating system.


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